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Instructions to the authors for paper editing

These are basic information on editing your full paper for publishing purposes.

Deadline is 31. March 2013. All full papers should be sent as MS word or open office document to uros.pinteric@fuds.si or uros.pinteric@gmail.com.

Paper should not exceed 8000 words. Please use Arial 11 font and 1,5 space between lines. Paper should be justified.
Table should be marked with subsequent numbers and with name of tables (e.g.: Table 2: Share of online services), same rule should be applied also for Graphs and Pictures.

Title of the article
should be in CAPS Arial 14 and Bold. Under the title is name of the author(s). Please insert short self-presentation as a footnote.
Title of paper parts should be in Arial 12 and Bold.
All subtitles should be Arial 12 Italic
All titles and subtitles are not numerated.

Please use footnotes (not endnotes) and limit them for most important additional explanations if necessary. However, please do not exceed number of 10 footnotes per paper.

Citing literature and other sources (all examples are fictive):

Citing Book:

In paper (Surname, year: page) e.g.: (Smith, 1997: 223)
In the reference:
Smith, Adam (1997): Title of book. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Citing chapter in book
In paper: (as for the book)
In the reference:
Smith, Adam (1997): Title of chapter. In John Example (ed.): Title of book. Oxford: Oxford University Press (pp.: 220-250).

Article in the journal
In paper (as for the book)
In the reference:
Smith, Adam (1998): title of the article. The Public Manager. Vol.: XXX, No.: 2, pp.: 180-190.

Internet source:
With known author and other data:
In paper (just as for the book)
In Reference
Smith, Adam (2003): title of text. Available at : www.oppoaofa.ok/jojcjpfpa/a.html (date of last access)

Without known author and other data.
In paper ( Internet 1) (and all subsequent numbers)
In the reference
Internet 1: www.pafoggooa.pf/pcppaf.pafpo/oo.htm (date of last access)

List of references at end of the paper has to be edited by alphabetical list of authors' surnames.