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You can apply to the Faculty of Organisation Stuides in Novo mesto as an exchange student if your home institution is a partner institution of the Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto.

Step 1: Your home institution/faculty should first nominate you to the Erasmus+ Coordinator at the Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto. Nominations should be sent by email to the following address: erasmus@fos-unm.si.

Step 2: After your home university/faculty has nominated you for exchange studies, you should complete and submit the application form (OBR-FOS-093).  You do not need to submit the application in paper form; it is sufficient to send it signed and scanned.

Step 3: After we receive your application and your host university has approved your application, we will send you a signed learning agreement and information about living and studying in Novo mesto.

When a student arrives in Slovenia, he/she visits the Erasmus+ coordinator of the Faculty of Organisation Studies (before starting his/her studies or traineeships) to gain a basic understanding of the procedures, obligations, rights and also cultural adjustment. For easy integration in the learning process, a tutor student is also available for the new students.

Upon arrival, new students have an orientation session with members of the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of International Affairs, and the Dean of the Faculty of Organisation Studies, who introduce them to the institution, their role, and their wider environment. The incoming students are also familiarised with relevant information about studying and accommodation in Slovenia (at FOŠ).

Knowledge of the Slovenian language is not required. The courses for the new students at the Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto are provided in English. However, according to the inter-institutional agreements, the new students are expected to be fluent in English. Verification of the new students' language proficiency should be done through the OLS system (Online Linguistic System) at their home institutions. If the language skills of incoming students are not sufficient, the online English course in the OLS system should be completed before arrival in Slovenia.


Application deadlines

10 May for the winter semester and
10 November for the summer semester.

Academic calendar 2023-2024

Grading System

Description of the institutional grading system
10 excellent 91% - 100%
9 very good 81% - 90%
8 very good 71% - 80%
7 good 61% - 70%
6 sufficient 51% - 60%
1 to 5 fail less than 51%

ECTS grading scale:
ECTS Grade % of successful
students normally
achieving the grade
Definition (only of failing grades)
A 10 EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 25 VERY GOOD - above average standard but with some errors
C 30 GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 25 SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings
E 10 SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria
FX - FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded
F - FAIL - considerable further work is required

ECTS credits:
   1 full academic year = 60 credits
   1 semester = 30 credits

Contact at the Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto for more information:

E-mail: erasmus(at)fos-unm.si
Telephone: +386 (0)59 082 060

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