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Erasmus accreditation reference: (2021)1530211-27/02/2021

OID number: E10129692

Erasmus ID code: SI NOVO-ME10



1. Mobility of students and young graduates

The following mobilities are possible:

- Mobility for the purpose of studying in a higher education institution with a duration of 2 to 12 months. All participating institutions from EU Member States and Partner Countries must be higher education institutions holding the certificate ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education).

- Mobility for the purpose of a traineeship - The student, in consultation with the traineeship coordinator or the project office, selects the institution/company/organization where he/she will complete his/her traineeship.

A student can go on mobility for up to 12 months in each study cycle (i.e., 12 months during undergraduate studies, 12 months during master's studies, 12 months during the thirdstudy cycle as a doctoral student). Each 12-month period may consist of any combination of eligible mobility for study and/or internship purposes. In addition, "young" graduates may participate in a mobility activity for an internship after completing their first, second or third cycle of studies, but they must be selected by FOŠ for a mobility activity before completing their studies, and their internship must be completed within 12 months of the date of graduation at all three levels.

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You don’t have time or can not do a longer stay abroad, but you still want to participate in an international exchange and explore different countries and meet different people?

You can opt for a combined mobility. A combined mobility is a combination of physical mobility and a virtual component that facilitates online exchanges and shared learning. In this case, the physical mobility must last between 5 and 30 days and be combined with a virtual component that can be completed from home.

For more information, you can contact the Erasmus+ coordinator at erasmus@fos-unm.si


2. Staff mobility

The following mobilities are possible:

- Staff mobility for teaching purposes: The Erasmus+ program offers co-funding for teaching staff mobility, both for giving lectures (which can also be combined with training) and for staff from foreign companies or other organizations. Duration: from 2 days to 2 months → the teaching activity must be at least 8 hours per week. If the mobility lasts longer than 1 week, the number of teaching hours increases proportionally.

- Staff mobility for training purposes: The Erasmus+ program provides co-funding for staff mobility for their own training purposes abroad, educational visits to the workplace, job shadowing at partner universities or other relevant organizations.  Duration: from 2 days to 2 months.

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Strategic partnerships provide opportunities for organizations, businesses, and government agencies to work together to implement innovative practices that lead to high quality teaching, training, learning, and youth development, institutional modernization, and societal innovation.

Strategic Partnerships are part of Erasmus+ Key Action 2 "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices". They aim to support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices at organizational, local, regional, national or European level.

Conditions: 2 - 3 years with at least 3 higher education institutions from 3 different EU or enlargement countries (with national agency) and at least 2 higher education institutions from each partner country involved in the project


Contact at the Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto:

E-mail: erasmus (at) fos-unm.si
Telephone: +386 (0)59 082 060


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