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Is the Faculty independent or is it part of a university?

The Faculty of Organisation Studies (FOS) is an accredited independent higher education institute and is not affiliated with any of the current universities in the Republic of Slovenia. Our goal is to become a part of the new University of Novo mesto initiative.

Where and how can I obtain more information about the Faculty of Organisation Studies?

You may receive direct information at the school, by telephone, or via email at info(at)fos.unm.si.

Where is the Faculty of Organisation Studies?

FOS is an independent Faculty in Slovenia. Slovenia lies in south-central Europe. Slovenia is bordered by Italy to the west, Austria to the south, Hungary to the southeast and Croatia to the east and south. The main building of FOS is on Ulica talcev 3 in Novo mesto. See map

Do I have to pay a tuition fee?

FOS is accredited private faculty, which means that our study programs have international validity and that tuition fees are applied. Tuition fees are:

Tuition must be paid in one (1) installment before the enrollment. At the moment any scholarship is available.

Which study programmes are avaliable at FOŠ?

FOŠ provides study programmes Quality Management at bachelor, master's and doctoral level.

You can get more information about each study programme here