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Institute and Centres

Institute for Organisational Studies

The Institute for Organisational Studies (IOS) is an internal organisational unit of FOS that is the umbrella institute for scientific research in the social sciences, technical fields, and the natural sciences. The institute consists of centres that conduct activities from their content areas. The members of the centres are higher educaiton teachers and researchers as well as the administrative staff of FOS. The centres may also include external members.

IOS is responsible (among other things) for the scientific journals Journal of Universal Excellence , Challenges of the Future and NPOT Conference.


Centre of Excelence

The Center of Excellence operates within the IOS, whose thinking and work focuses on researching and developing the basic principles of excellence, or the basic building blocks of the "modern" organizational paradigm, as well as on finding the building blocks of the "new" organizational paradigm.

International transdisciplinary research centre for Leadership Excellence and Development (ITRC LEAD)

The Faculty of Organisation Studies offers programmes covering different business disciplines one of which is leadership-oriented. In order to strengthen research and scholarship in the field, the ITRC LEAD is proposed as a vehicle for achieving both research and teaching excellence in the field of leadership. More >>

Centre for the Study of Contemporary Social Issues – RC SOCIAL

The aim of the RC SOCIAL is to develop interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity of research in the study of the appropriate response to contemporary societal challenges. The Center focuses on supporting and promoting collaboration in research and development projects at national and global levels, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and the involvement of the widest possible range of relevant stakeholders in the research process and the dissemination of knowledge through open access to research and applied research results.

Centre for Development and European Studies

Centre for Development and European Studies carries out activities in the field of development studies, research activities and takes care of international integration, knowledge exchange and other forms of scientific research as a basis for transfer to the relevant educational field.

Centre for Innovative Tourism 

Centre for Innovative Tourism was established in late 2016 from the need to address specific set of topics which are of general importance for the development of the tourism in the region, state and in broader context. Centre was very successfully already from the beginning. Shortly after its start, it already successfully applied for Local Action Group project, and thus showed that the decision for its start as well as its focus in sustainable tourism was right direction. Next to the research activities, centre organizes different events and educational activities in the field of the development of tourism.