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International transdisciplinary research centre for Leadership Excellence and Development (ITRC LEAD)


Within five years of its establishment, the RC aims to gain a leading research centre status in the field first in Slovenia and later in in the whole Central European region.


The centre’s mission is to provide a wide platform for researching, exploring, understanding and advancing the phenomenon of leadership in order to provide conditions for developing future leaders.


Organizational Structure



Panel of experts: Looking into the Future of Leadership



The Faculty of Organisation Studies offers programmes covering different business disciplines one of which is leadership-oriented.

In order to strengthen research and scholarship in the field, the ITRC LEAD is proposed as a vehicle for achieving both research and teaching excellence in the field of leadership.

The ITRC LEAD objective is to facilitate interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in the field of leadership excellence and development by supporting and promoting local and global collaborative research studies as well as sharing findings from research and thus advancing knowledge in the field.

The RC aims to enhance study programmes and current scholarship as well as attract scholars from national and international institutions in order to carry out significant research projects in the field and contribute to publications e.g. articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books on leadership.