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Faculty of Organisation Studies Novo mesto organizes 7th annual Governance in (post)transition conference that will take place between 22. and 23. March 2018 in hotel Šport Otočec. Topic of 2018 conference is

“New paradigm of Governance”

The 2018 GPT conference addresses predominantly the topics, which rose from the events of previous year. There is basic question, if 2017 is only logical evolution of the governance at different levels, or it is actually revolution for which nobody was prepared. European Union accepted new guidelines/scenarios for the further development; US broke up with the classical political role of the supreme world power, which raises different questions in the international perspective. In the cases of different other countries, we can see destabilisation of the national political consensus and step towards right extremism, which is response to 2015 refugee crisis, as well as reminder that there is nothing above the nation. On one hand, we can say that what we see it is Res Publica in its finest form. However, at the same time the question is rising, if, what we see, is malfunction of representation of this public. In many cases it seems that representative democracy is failing those who it shall represent on daily basis.

In this perspective 2018 GPT conference shall be the academic forum, offering different views on the contemporary reality, questioning the concepts, understanding of them and the relation between the intentions and reality. Faculty of Organisation studies in Novo mesto in this manner encourages presentation of welcomes papers covering following topics (papers with other scopes of interests are welcome as well):

New international governance

Year 2017 looks like system of failed international law and politics. If previous decades were in the strong support to the liberal theory of international relations, where states were trying to reach the consensus and compromises, in the last year, we can observe the raise of the "real politics" approach of executed facts, with very little consideration of broader processes and context. This returns the international politics into the pre-modern era, where the power had to be not only balanced, but in many cases used. The main question for this panel is, if and to which degree international peace is endangered.

Green perspectives and total sustainability

Trump's blockade of the Paris environmental agreement (as well as other related policies) sent shocking message about new possible trend in the modern global environment behaviour. However, China, on the other hand, is trying to further improve its technologies to protect the environment and joined with the rest of the world further develop more ecological economy. At the same time the news about healing ozone hole supports the global ecological efforts. However, after the economic crisis of 2008, world gave up on sustainability concept in a way. The main question arising from this is to what degree energy preservation can replace economic and social welfare of the population or to which degree we forgot to address basic wellbeing of human population in the last decade.

Technology of tomorrow – science between improving life and control of humanity

Each year it is possible to assume that never before the technological development made such a significant progress as well as it never before contributed to other spheres of life that much. However, on the daily basis we see more and more misuse of the technologies by the governments, institutions and individuals to harm the basic postulates of free life. The panel shall provide critical evaluation of the technological development from the perspective of human wellbeing and enslaving. This panel is proper place also for the discussion on the physical and mental damage that technology causes to the individuals and society.

Mobile generation – tourist dilemmas

Around the globe, post cold war generation is most likely the most mobile generation ever. Not only in technological sense, but in the geographical mobility as well. In this perspective tourism is more than ever faced with the challenge how to provide enough excitement to the people, whose only concern is how to sell the positive image of themselves. Instagramers, Youtubers and other tourists are travelling around the world and judging their experience based on the stories that they can tell in short videos, pictures or v-logs. Tourism business, in many cases is not able to understand the need for the uniqueness of the offer. The panel shall address the ways how the tourism as economic sector should react to the demands of the new potential customers.

Migrants, economic demography and "new" European labour market

Recent months the wave of refugees and migrants entered the Europe. No matter what is their legal status, despite it differs, they have certain capacity not only to weaken the state due to additional budgetary expenses but also to reshape the labour market. The paper givers in this panel will try explaining the potential economic influence of new potential workers to the labour market in Europe.

Development potential of the regions

In the highly globalised world the classical territorial structures are losing their importance, global, macro and national regions are becoming more and more important frame of our daily life. Strong urbanisation changes the development potential of different territories. In the panel, we are welcoming the papers addressing development context of the regions, based on socio-demographic changes, increasing need for innovation and new forms of development, which can be understand not only as economic growth but as well increasing quality of life.

Conference also provides special Ph.D. students panel.

Short abstract shall be send to gpt@fos.unm.si no later than by 15. 2. 2018. Authors will be notified about acceptance until 25. 2. 2018. Full papers shall be submitted until 20. 3. 2018 for publication.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Otočec.

Organizing team of
Faculty of Organisation Studies Novo mesto