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About FOS

Dean's MessageBoris Bukovec

Constant changes in the environment offer new opportunities, but only to those individuals that continuously pay attention to the development of their own knowledge and methods of learning, as well as to excellency of values, culture, ethics and norms that take advantage such opportunities. Learning is a lifelong process and the educational sector is the fastest growing industry in the world. We can understand that “knowledge thirsty individuals” will have an increasingly better choice and only those educational institutions will survive that will nourish their values of excellency in addition to continuously improve their work.

At the Faculty of Organisation Studies (FOS) we are aware of this. We view our Faculty as an organization - it is a “target oriented relationship among people”. We are very much aware that if we want to achieve and maintain excellence at FOS, then we must focus primarily on the continued growth of relationships among our employees. It is central that we identify the individual not only separately, but also together, our personal and interpersonal interactions and especially our creative capabilities focused on sustainable growth.

Our journey to excellence is based on the internalisation of FOS’s mission by seeking answers to the question “who we are and to whom we serve”. Consequently, we created the following mission statement:

“At FOS we are the co-creators of science and practice in the field of organizational studies. With our work in research and development, the education process, and knowledge transfer as well as our strive for excellence in all areas, we contribute to the continual improvement of quality of life to individuals, organizations, and communities.”

The answer to “who we are” is represented by our work in research and development, the educational process and knowledge transfer that serve to establish the fundamental processes of FOS. The essential processes are recognized through the keywords of our mission that we have defined to answer the question who we service.

So, to whom is the outcome of these processes intended for? The results of the processes according to our definition from the mission statement are intended towards improving the quality of life to individuals, organizations and communities.  As such, our focal recognition are students and other partners as customers of research and development results at FOS and the recipients of knowledge transfer. It is the fulfilment of the principles of being customer focused.

With these introductory remarks, we would like to ensure all stakeholders that we firmly stand behind our intention for FOS to become one of the leading centres of knowledge in the field of quality and excellence. Maybe some might find this quite bold, but during the development phase of our strategic plan, we realized that our vision can be realized if we continually respect, nurture, and promote each other’s excellence and implement them through the creative mixture of scientific ideas, advice, and practice.

 The road to excellence will be long. The strategic plan provides us with a solid foundation that will pave this journey to be the most successful and efficient. We do not want to convince you with words alone, but through our actions- so, we invite you assess our credibility and judge it for yourself. Visit us and give us the opportunity to develop a partnership with you.


Boris Bukovec, PhD
Dean and Professor