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Legal awareness of the employees is a must!

Did you know that February 13th is Employee Awareness Day? It was declared at the initiative of Australian lawyer Paul Brennan, who wanted to encourage companies to start a dialogue with their employees on workplace policies in a positive, peaceful way. The purpose of the Employee Awareness Day is to emphasize the importance of knowing the legal basis in the workplace for employees and SMEs, and to reduce the risk associated with legal issues.

When hiring, the employer should provide the employee with a code of ethics, which should include information on health and safety, absence from work, right to leave and privacy, use of mobile phone and e-mail, disciplinary proceedings, information, which the employee is required to present to the company, office policy, equal opportunities policy, remuneration and complaint procedures. Employees should also know who is the person they can contact regarding procedures in company's policy. If the employees know their rights and obligations in more detail, they will also find it easier to protect their own health, safety and well-being at work. It is therefore important that workers know the basic legal information concerning their job and well-being.

In an exclusive statement for WELLy, Mr Brennan spoke about where his idea for Legal Awareness Day came from and how his idea is being implemented around the world. Read the statement and more about the legal awareness in the new article on the WELLy project website.

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