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At the finish line - the WELLy project

On Wednesday June 15, 2022, in Novo mesto, the final conference of the WELLy project, which addresses the impact of the physical and psychosocial work environment on the health and well-being of employees, took place.

At the event, the project results were presented, for which the following project partners were responsible: FOŠ, SINERGIE, DRPDNM, iED, ISCET-IUL, FyG, Epralima, and Psychometric.

Within the WELLy project, the role of the Manager for Work Well-being (MWW) was defined. WWM is responsible for the following:

The relationship between the WWM and the employees is obvious, as the behaviour of one can affect the other. Therefore, effective management must be in proportion to the health and well-being of the employee.

You are invited to learn more about the project, project outcomes, and how to achieve work well-being on the WELLy project website.


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