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How to achieve the well-being of employees at work?

8 organizations from 5 different EU countries joined forces and formed a joint partnership as part of the project WELLy: Introducing the Job Profile of a Manager for Work Well-being to Prevent and Combat Work-related Stress. 

The main objective of the project is to define the competencies of the Work Well-being Manager (WWM), who is responsible in organizations for ensuring that daily working conditions are fair and as healthy as possible for each employee, and to highlight the role that managers can play in reducing stress-related problems. The goal of the Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto (FOŠ) and the other partners is not only to identify competencies, but also to train managers who are able to develop competencies and successfully apply knowledge in their organizations.

FOŠ, in cooperation with organizations from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Slovenia, has conducted:
- a comprehensive research,
- defined the competencies that WWM should have in the workplace,
- formulated the definition of the profession and the curriculum,
- carried out, together with partners, the training of WWM in the workplace,
- developed a model for assessing WWM in the workplace, and
- produced a manual for WWMs, which includes a toolkit for WWMs.

All materials are available free of charge on the project website welly-project.eu in six languages - English, Slovenian, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese. 

Want to learn how you can promote a holistic and proactive approach to addressing workplace health and well-being issues? How to improve employee performance and reduce sick leave and absenteeism? What strategies are available for dealing with mental health issues in the workplace?

You are invited to visit the website welly-project.eu/en/izidi/ where you will find all the answers in the free Manuel for Work Well-being Managers.

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