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FOŠ in Spain

At the end of May 2022, FOŠ colleagues visited a partner institution in Spain as part of the Erasmus+ program, where they met their colleagues and shared many best practices. They completed their Erasmus+ mobility at the Open University Madrid (UDIMA) in the town of Collado Villalba, located near Madrid, and spent a few very pleasant days there.

Colleagues gave them a tour of the university and presented their work in the International and Projects Department, in the Quality and Common Affairs Department and in the Innovation Department, which takes care of development in all areas. They were also introduced to their Gamification program, which involves the development of very interesting "games" for students and teachers, including a virtual Escape Room.

The Erasmus+ colleagues recommend the exchange to all others, as they consider it an excellent opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge and to establish contacts with colleagues from partner institutions and beyond.

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