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International Scientific Conference

The International Scientific Conference HEARD successfully concluded, marking a significant milestone in understanding the complex interplay of COVID-19, democracy, and gender. We have examined the complex and diverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically focusing on the intersection of gender and democracy. Key takeaways included the resilience of democratic institutions and a critical analysis of women's rights and work-life balance during the pandemic.

Participants from around the globe shared insights on democratic resilience, government responses across Europe, and the pandemic's profound impact on women's rights and work-life balance.

The insights gained from this conference will shape our future recommendations on how to tackle pandemic situations, enabling us to develop proactive measures that prioritise gender equality, human rights, and democratic ideals in our global crisis response efforts.

The conference emphasized the importance of transparent governance and gender-sensitive policies in crisis management. Stay tuned for further developments and insights from project HEARD here.


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