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7th annual Governance in (post)transition conference

Faculty of Organisation Studies Novo mesto organizes 7th annual Governance in (post)transition conference that will take place between 22. and 23. March 2018 in hotel Šport Otočec. Topic of 2018 conference is

“New paradigm of Governance”

The 2018 GPT conference addresses predominantly the topics, which rose from the events of previous year. There is basic question, if 2017 is only logical evolution of the governance at different levels, or it is actually revolution for which nobody was prepared. European Union accepted new guidelines/scenarios for the further development; US broke up with the classical political role of the supreme world power, which raises different questions in the international perspective. In the cases of different other countries, we can see destabilisation of the national political consensus and step towards right extremism, which is response to 2015 refugee crisis, as well as reminder that there is nothing above the nation. On one hand, we can say that what we see it is Res Publica in its finest form. However, at the same time the question is rising, if, what we see, is malfunction of representation of this public. In many cases it seems that representative democracy is failing those who it shall represent on daily basis.

In this perspective 2018 GPT conference shall be the academic forum, offering different views on the contemporary reality, questioning the concepts, understanding of them and the relation between the intentions and reality. Faculty of Organisation studies in Novo mesto in this manner encourages presentation of welcomes papers covering following topics (papers with other scopes of interests are welcome as well):

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