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Why is sleep so important?

Did you know that we celebrated World Sleep Day in March 2022? This year's slogan was "Good sleep, clear mind, all's well".

Celebrated this year on March 18, 2022, World Sleep Day is an internationally recognized event of the World Sleep Alliance (WSS) and aims to raise public awareness about the importance of sleep and its impact on our health, as well as the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders.

Do you think you have been getting enough sleep lately? Can you recall how many times in the last week you woke up without an alarm clock, rested and without the need for an immediate morning cup of coffee? A restless mind is a bad pillow, and disturbed sleep contributes to all serious mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, and suicide.

However, good sleep is crucial for a quality life as it brings many benefits to our health. Quality sleep improves our resilience and immune defenses, strengthens a number of brain functions, our physical fitness and energy levels, positively affects our mental health and emotional mood, and improves the body's metabolism.

Visit the WELLy website for more information on sleep and tips on how to achieve a good night's sleep.



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