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Dr. Nadia Molek, Assistant ProfessorNadia Molek

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Organizational Behaviour


Nadia Molek graduated and earned her doctorate in anthropological sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. She also received training in UN Sustainable Development Goals and in the fields of education and ICT. She was awarded the first prize by the Government Office for Slovenes Abroad and Worldwide, as well as the Recognition of Excellence from FOŠ for her research achievements.

In 2014, she began teaching at the university level in Argentina, a mission she continues in Slovenia. As a visiting lecturer, she has collaborated with the University of Stavanger in Norway, the University of Ljubljana, and the University of Primorska in Slovenia. She also worked at the UNIPE Pedagogical University in Buenos Aires as a researcher and lecturer in media and ICT education, and as an advisor for the development of guidelines for producing educational documentary films. At the University of Salvador in Buenos Aires, she conducted research and pedagogical work within the "Intercultural Management" program of the Faculty of Economics, where she also mentored thesis projects. Additionally, she is involved as a researcher in the Euro-American network Alfamed for researching media competencies.

Research Profile:

Her research interests include an interdisciplinary approach to studying human beings in various contexts.Currently, she is focusing on topics of organizational culture and behavior, as well as on the ethical and sustainable integration of artificial intelligence into organizational contexts.


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