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Emeritus professor Milan Ambrož, PhDMilan Ambrož

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E-mail: milan.ambroz (at) fos-unm.si


Contemporary Organization Theory


Dr. Milan Ambrož (1953) graduated at the Faculty of Social Studies in Ljubljana, where he also received his Masters degree. He earned his PhD through research on organisation and managment at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences Kranj. Dr. Ambrož has  worked as Senior Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Tourism Studies and the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security Maribor. He authored several articles on organisation, tourism, quality and security. Dr. Ambrož has long standing experiences counsulting on human resource development and business processes. 

Research profile

His research is focused on modern organisation, organisational culture, business ethics and leadership. He has 35 years of professional experinece working in key positions in the tire industry, the municipal and public administration (Forensic scientist, Advisor in the Office of Consular Affairs, Municipal Secretary's assistant on military and civil protection affairs, Insurance Sector director, Educational Centre director, Director of the Public Institute, Consulting Company director, Faculty Dean).

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