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Dr. Armand Faganel, Associate Professor

Office hours: by e-mail appointmen
E-mail: armend.faganel (at) fos-unm.si


Sustainable Global Marketing


I studied electrical engineering, graduated and obtained master's degree in marketing at UM EPF Maribor, and doctorate at the UP Faculty of Management. I had my own advertising agency, worked as a sales representative, sales manager, marketing manager and director in various international companies. In 2013, I transferred to academic life, but kept in touch with the business world. I still conduct marketing and sales seminars, advise and lecture to companies in Slovenia, Italy and Russia. I have also lectured at universities in New Zealand, Borneo, 8 years in Finland, and many European countries.  

Research Profile

My research interests include consumer behaviour, service quality perception, branding, and sustainable consumption. I have led and carried out European research projects in Panama, Colombia, Russia and almost all European countries. I have written and edited several scientific monographs, chapters and articles.

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