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Emeritus professor ddr. Matjaž Mulej

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New paradigms in innovation and excellence




Emeritus professor. ddr. Matjaž Mulej, 1941, has a PhD in economic sciences (system theory) and management sciences (innovation management). Through his research he earned the title professor emeritus for system theory and inovation. Ddr. Mulej now works at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Maribor. He's the author of the dialectic theory of systems and inovative business theory (for an economy in transition). He has published in more than 40 countries and conducted research in six. Ddr. Mulej published and edited more than 60 books and journals. He worked as a visiting scholar and researcher at universities abroad, including Cornell U., USA. Ddr. Mulej is a member of three international science and art academies (Salzburg, Paris, Vienna). Up till 2010 he was the president of IFSR.   

Research Profile

He can be found in the research registry under the number 8082, boasting over 1600 titles in his name. He has over 120 quotations and over 50 articles in foreign magazines. Ddr. Mulej was dean and prorector of the University of Maribor during 1997-2001. He advised on inovation to over 500 companies, mostly in Slovenia, but also in USA, Russia, Angola, Indonesia, Poland, etc. One can find 9 entries on his dialectic system theory in the International enciclopedia of system theory and cybernetics, second edition (Charles Francois, ed., 2004) Saur, Muenchen. There are also many entries in "Who is who" on his name. Lately he's been working on social responsibility development as a possible course out of the crisis of humanity, considering it to be an informal way to sufficient and requisite integrity, ergo inovating ethics through systemic behaviour. He is leading the expert commitee on social responsability development in Maribor (IRDO).

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