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Emeritus professor ddr. Marija OvsenikMilan Ambrož

Office hours: by e-mail appointment
031 631 610
E-mail: mara.ovsenik (at) gmail.com 


Inovation and Creativity

Contemporary Organization Theory

Quality of Life

Personal Excellence

New paradigms of Organisation Theories

Profesionalna bibliografija

Marija Ovsenik is a professor and expert on the field of organisation, human resource management and social gerontology. She earned her PhD at the Faculty of political studies Veljko Vlahovič in Sarajevo and at the Faculty of Organisation studies in Novo mesto, received specialised training on human resource management in non-profit organisations at the University of Ljubljana. In 1996 she was awarded the prize for outstanding achievements in soical protection by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

Raziskovalni profil

Marija Ovsenik authored numerous scientific and research publications.

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