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Why Study at FOS?

Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) and Belakraijina (White Carniola) are regions that have shown to have excellent organizational practices (Revoz, Krka, Trimo, Danfoss, Adria Mobile, TPV…..General Hospital Novo mesto, Public Administration Units: Novo mesto, Trebnje, Črnomelj…) and are strongly integrated globally. As such, the Faculty of Organisation Studies (FOS) in partnership with these organizations is able to ensure the transfer of contemporary approaches, models, and tools of excellency... More ›

Student Life in Novo mesto

Novo mesto, the town centre in the region, offers a diverse choice of activities and events that contribute towards the quality of students’ lives. Among other student organizations and events, there is also the Novo mesto Student Association that represents the interest of students from Novo mesto and has for years been active in the areas of culture and education. There is also a student hostel Situla that is in walking distance to FOS.… More ›

Academic Calendar

Before the start of the academic year the official academic calendar is published that includes regular academic work, holidays, free-days, final exam matrix, and so forth. The academic calendar is divided into semesters and typically begins in October.… More ›

International Cooperation and Student Exchange

The active integration into the European Research Area and European Higher Education Area is one of the key developmental priorities of the Faculty of Organisation Studies (FOS).… More ›