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JUE - Journal of Universal Excellence,
June 2016, vol. 5, no. 2

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Table of content


Franc Brcar
The impact of quality department on organizing quality in organizations

Kristjan Jovanov, Vasja Roblek
Emergency units’ team leadership in case of increased workload

Andreja Lavrič
The importance of intellectual capital in the company

Andrej Jerman, Maja Meško
The impact of bus drivers’ lifestyle on the occurrence of health problems and absenteeism

Matjaž Maletič, Damjan Maletič, Alenka Mekiš
The influence of internal marketing on employee engagement

Simona Cimperman
The impact of employee satisfaction on productivity in Tiskarna Novo mesto, Ltd.

Matej Jevšček
Competencies assessment using fuzzy logic


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