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Faculty of Organisation Studies Novo mesto organizes 2nd annual Governance in (post)transition conference that will take place between 25 and 27 April 2013 in hotel Šport Otočec. Topic of 2013 conference is

  “Public administration reform approaches in Central and Eastern Europe”

After the fall of communist/socialist regimes in early nineties in Central and Eastern European Countries, they tried to apply different reform approaches. Approaches such as New Public Management, introduction of “Good Practices”, Good Governance, implementation of CAF and ISO standards, development of e-government in administration were like a promising answer for a better administration. We can agree, that administration improved, but we can be much less sure if it changed its core into “new administration”. Different turbulent elements of transition period more or less revealed that often changes were more or less cosmetic and non-adequate for better support of the state. 2007 onwards economic crisis at least in some cases showed how public administration was reformed and prepared for activities in complexity of modern world. In this perspective, any case study, comparative study, empirical or only theoretical reflection is welcome.


GPT - “Public administration reform approaches in Central and Eastern Europe”
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