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Dr. Annmarie Gorenc Zoran, Full ProfessorAnnmarie Gorenc Zoran

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041 729 908
a.zoran (at) fos-unm.si
Tutor for the Master's programme


Business Communication
Business English 1
Business English 2
Diploma Research Seminar
Master's Research Seminar
Organizational Behaviour
Quality and Excellence in Education
Seminar for Dissertation Proposal
Seminar for Dissertation


Dr. Annmarie Gorenc Zoran  received her doctorate at  the University of South Florida. From 1994 she has taught in the US and in Slovenia. At USF she has worked as a teacher educator and consultant of ICT, was a graduate assistant with the doctorate programme, conducted workshops on integrading ICT in has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses. She has also worked on editorial boards of scholarly journals, worked on program committee boards of national and international conferences in the US and in Europe.

Research Profile:

She has experience working on project documentations in the US and in Europe and has been a project leader and worked on project management tasks. She is the author of serveral articles, book chapters published in the US and elsewhere. She is an invited speaker to international, national, and regional conferences. Currently she is the Principal Coordinator of the research project entitled, "WELLy-Introducing the Work Profile of a Manager for Work Well-being to Prevent and Combat Stress". Her research interest is an interdisciplinary approach to communication, as a channel in elearning, framework for continuous improvement in terms of quality standards feedback, a tool in education and teaching, as an analytical framework to research, and as a contribution to organizational sciences. She has published book chapters, numerous articles, and presented at international, national, and regional conferences.


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