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30th November 2023


Welcome speech



PANEL 1: Migration
Moderator: Reinhilde Pulinx

Examining the Reasons for the Migration of Iranian Elites and Young People to Foreign Countries for Education and Life. Isn't the Current Iran a Suitable Place for the Growth of Democratic and New Ideas?
Hedieh Eskandari

The Legal Framework for Assisting Displaced Persons From Ukraine in Meeting their Housing Needs in Poland Introduced by the Act of March 12, 2022 on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in Connection with the Armed Conflict in the Territory of that State
Pawel Widerski

Remote Work for the Public Administration of a Country of Origin under the EU Temporary Protection Directive
Piotr Sadowski

The European Union’s Decision-Making Process towards the Refugee Crisis Challenges. A politial perspective
Elena-Simona Vranceanu

10.10 Break

PANEL 2: Social Resposibility
Moderator: Daniel Vigo

Sustainable Development in Trade Relations between the European Union and OCAPS Group Countries
Tomasz Wnuk

Does Return on Tertiary Education Moderate the Effect of Households' Cost of Higher Education on the Level of Income Inequality? A Cross-country Analysis
Agata Kwiatkowska, Wojciech Rogowski

Social Responsibility of Higher Education Institutions and Sustainable Development
Juljana Laze


PANEL 3: Sustainable Development 
Moderator: María Paula Cicogna

Food Marketing Regulations and Childhood Obesity Across America
Brigida Cury Gomes Carneiro, Isabelly Camparim Brandão Ferraz

Climate change, coping strategies and citizen participation in Argentina (2010-2020)
Ana Lucia Levintan

12.00 Lunch

PANEL 4: Hate Crime and Freedom of Speech
Moderator: Ewa Milczarek

Combatting Terrorist Speech in the European Union
Magdalena Matusiak-Frącczak

Measuring of Goods by the Judicial Power in Democratic Society
Katarzyna Dudek


PANEL 5: Free Elections and Other Contemporary Human Rights Issues
Moderator: Julia Kapelańska-Pręgowska

The Biased State-owned Media in Poland as a Challange to Free Elections
Michał Bartoszewicz

Sharing economy and senior volunteering - macro and micro dimensions of the phenomenon
Joanna Nowicka

Proliferation of human rights and economic growth
Filip Hałas

14.30 Panel talk of the moderators and final thoughts
1st December 2023


Welcome speech



PANEL 6: Digitalisation, Ethics and AI
Moderator: Sonia de Jager

Procedural Aspects of Addressing Algorithmic Discrimination – an Era of (post-) Global Interdependence Between Collective and Individual Interests?
Dominika Iwan-Sojka

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
Huthaifa Albustanji

Right to Truth? Between Right to Information and Right to Privacy
Marcin Kilanowski

The Risks of Using Artificial Intelligence in the Litigation Process
Ammar Alqatawna

10.30 Break

PANEL 7: The Dual Challenges of Democratic Crisis and Crisis in Democracy 
Moderator: Agnieszka Wedeł-Domaradzka

The Achievement of Democracy in Europe. Case of Ukraine
Артем Сусоля

Crisis or development? Democratic Systems in the Face of Contemporary Challenges
Jakub Sromecki

11.30 Lunch

PANEL 8: Geopolitical Frictions
Moderator: Agnieszka Bień-Kacała

The BRICS Coalition: How Aligned are they?
Camila Carvalho

Possibilities for TSI Countries to Maintain Diplomatic Relations with Taiwan
Marceli Hązła

An attempt to Determine Causes of the Lack of Effectiveness of Public International Law (the Question of Subjects of Public International Law)
Kamil Strzępek

The Role and Effectiveness of Hybrid Courts in Post-conflict and Transitioning States: A Focus on Kosovo
Blerta Ahmeti

The impact of Geopolitical Friction on Space Law and Policy
Zuzanna Kalinska-Kepa

13.40 Panel talk of the moderators and final thoughts

*We reserve the right to make subsequent programme modifications, additions, alterations