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Program konference - Prijava

1st annual Governance in (Post)Transition Conference

Thursday, April 12th 2012
unitl 16.00 Arrival of participants

Introductory speech
Boris Bukovec (Dean of Faculty of Organisation Studies Novo mesto)

Conference introduction
Uroš Pinterič (Chair of Organizing Committee)


Introductory lecture

Measures and Developing Strategies of local Authorities in Southern Sweden to promote Business life
Pontus Tallberg (Region Skåne, Sweden)


Comperative panel

1 Local Governance in the CEE in the Recent Two Decades: Difficulties with understanding and implementation of the concept
Daniel Klimovský (Technical University Košice, Slovakia)

2 Bottom-up versus top-down local governance: local government anti-corruption approaches in the Slovak towns of Šaľa and Martin compared (case study)
Tomas Jacko (Comenius University, Slovakia)

3 A comparative study of innovation capacity in Slovak districts and selected US states.
Martina Lučkaničová and Zuzana Malíková (Technical University Košice, Slovakia)

4 Competitive position of Slovak Republic within Europe from the view of various competitiveness measures.
Tomáš Šoltés (Technical University Košice, Slovakia)

17.40 Free time / Press conference 
18.00 Dinner
Friday, April 13th 2012
9.00 Registration of participants
10.00 WG3: ICT in governance: first session

1 The impact of applying the concept of the Semantic Web in E-Government
Lidija Paunović, Konstantin Simić, Jovana Dadić, Branislav Jovanić, Dušan Barać (University of Belgrade Serbia)

2 A model for structuring information resources in e-government
Jovana Dadić, Aleksandra Labus, Konstantin Simić, Božidar Radenković, Marijana Despotović-Zrakić (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

3 Delivering mobile government services through cloud computing
Konstantin Simić, Jovana Dadić, Lidija Paunović, Miloš Milutinović, Zorica Bogdanović (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

4 CRM e-government services in the cloud
Marko Vulić, Jovana Dadić, Konstantin Simić, Đorđe Mazinjanin, Aleksandar Milić (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
11.30 Coffee break

WG2: Local and regional development: first session

1 Determinants of local government efficiency in CEE countries
Saša Drezgić (Rijeka University, Croatia)

2 Development perspective on Slovenian local government
Uroš Pinterič (University and research centre in Novo mesto, Slovenia)

3 Power and influence of informal networks of political-economic elite on Slovenian society after the transition
Lea Prijon (School of Advanced Social Sciences in Nova Gorica Slovenia)

4 The influence of the public administration reforms on regional development in Poland Is creating appropriate legal basis is enough?
Marcin Szewczak (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland)

13.30 Lunch
15.30 WG1: Local politics and policy making: second session

1 Local Government Systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in Comparative Perspective: How to get two significantly different systems from the same roots in Twenty years?
Daniel Klimovský (Technical University Košice, Slovakia)

2 Exploring the limits of public participation. Lessons from local government in Poland (1990-2010)
Katarzyna Radzik Maruszak (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland)

3 The electoral paradigm and its impact on performance of regional administration – the case of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Peter Harváth and Jaroslav Mihálik (University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia)
16.30 Coffee break
16.45 Presentation of Polloc summer school
Daniel Klimovský
17.15 Free time
18.30 Dinner
Saturday, April 14th 2012
10.00 WG3: ICT in governance: second session

1 The role of ICT in monitoring and solving traffic issues
Ivana Pesić, Radivoje Kojić (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

2 Compariosn of the ICT Impacts between the Czech Republic and Slovenia – panel data analysis
Zuzana Somogyiová (Technical University Košice, Slovakia)

3 Innovation in public services: using ICT in the provision of public services
Veronika Černáková (Technical University Košice, Slovakia)
11.00 Coffee break
11.15 Final discussion and announcement of 2013 GPT conference

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